Jacqueline & Tim

Jackie & Tim started out as neighbors with Tim living in a "crappy" basement apartment and Jackie living on the spacious, natural light filled first floor.  For Tim, Jackie was the cute mysterious girl in the apartment above, outgoing and neighborly.  For Jackie, Tim was the perfect boy next door.  He was funny, looked good in sweatpants, and she could hear his infectious laugh through the floor of the apartment at night while brushing her teeth.  This neighborly situation continued for about a year, when one night Jackie invited all of the housemates out for drinks.  Jackie & Tim were the only ones home, so they met up early and walked to a local place for their first flirty date before the rest of the housemates arrived.  Over the next year, Jackie & Tim's relationship blossomed and they talked about their future plans including a wedding. Tim surprised Jackie with a proposal at a jewlery store where she had found her dream ring a few weeks earlier.  They kept it a secret until Christmas when they surprised their family and friends with the great news!  Here is what they had to say about why they chose to have their wedding at Fernstone Retreat:

"We wanted to be outside in nature when we got married, our original idea was the beach, but it was too far away and so we looked for beautiful places in Western Pa which of course included the Laurel Highlands. Thats when we found Fernstone Retreat and scheduled a visit! Tim loved it for its landscapes and rustic decors, Jackie loved it for its casual but unique appeal and the amenities."

Tim is excited about campfires with our closest friends and loved ones and the big celebration in the grand oak pavilion. 

Jackie is excited about being able to bring in vendors and get creative with the festivities so that we have a ceremony and experience which is super special.