Josh & Joyce

Joyce and Josh met over twelve years ago through mutual friends, but it wasn't until six years ago that they became reacquainted and sparks were flying. Fast forward to Christmas morning of 2012 - As a couple who normally never exchanged gifts, Joyce was surprised when Josh asked her to sit on the couch with her eyes closed while he went upstairs to get her "gift". When he returned and told her to open her eyes, he was on one knee and proposed in front of their family. Joyce was stunned and it took two more times of Josh asking "Will you marry me?" for her to come back to reality and say "YES!".  Here is what Joyce had to say about why they chose Fernstone Retreat as their wedding destination:

"We learned about Fernstone Retreat when Josh's sister was invited to a wedding there. Hearing about how beautiful it was, we decided to take a look at the Fernstone Retreat website and after seeing the pictures online we definitely had to see it for ourselves.  We scheduled a tour and knew right away that it was the perfect location for our wedding.  The property is absolutely fabulous! The location, picturesque scenery, pool and hot tub, game room, ample outdoor space and overall facilities were just amazing. We loved that our guests could stay on property and didn't have to travel or pay for the cost of a hotel."

What are Joyce and Josh looking forward to after they are married?

"Well we already were living together in a house we purchased, so we sort of did things backwards! It is the simple things we look forward to: being lazy together on the weekends, experiencing new places and things together. I am looking forward to him being able to introduce me as his wife!"